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 * System wide: edit /usr/share/gnome/default.wm (maybe) 
 If the above fails because you have a previously saved session with metacity, then loading the Gnome Session manager, deleting 'Default' and then adding a new 'Default' seems to allow sawfish to start. 
-According to [Twisted Radix| -a ], this doesn't work on GNOME 2.12+. 
+According to [Twisted Radix| -your-gnome-window-manager-in_28.html ], this doesn't work on GNOME 2.12+. 
 ;:Edit or create ~/.gnomerc and add "export WINDOW_MANAGER=sawfish" (or whatever) to it. 
 ;:Apparently Gnome 2.12 (and hence Ubuntu Breezy) decided to stop supporting the /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager entry in gconf. The key says "This key has been deprecated since GNOME 2.12", but what they mean is "broken", not "deprecated" (from what I can tell).