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-!!!Hello World [http://www.wave .gif
+!!!Hello World  
+(__2009 Note:__ The following information was entered in 2004, it's still mostly accurate. My current presence on the Web is a foolish weblog, [The Pavilion of Innocent Pastimes |], and a [compiler for the classic programming language Algol W | http://www.jampan] . I am not related in any way to the [Rev. Canon Glyn Webster | ].)  
 I don't even know if I'm in the WLUG, but I like it in here. 
 ''(Being in the WLUG is a state of mind, really. -- PerryLorier'' 
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 I am a lazy person who occasionally "geeks out" rather that a true [Geek], I don't seem to have the incredible drive it requires (maybe I just don't drink enough of those revolting [caffeinated syrups| V]). In the lazy times I am a Web potato content to operate his computer with just one finger on his mouse. Geeking out or drifting around the Web, I find Linux an excellent playground in both states. 
 I just use Linux to make my computer go, I am not a SysAdmin. That seems to make me an odd one out in the WLUG, but the SysAdmin top-heavyness is common to all LUGs, and I'm not complaining. I haven't been to a lot of WLUG meetings, but I do live in Hamilton. I'll be there for the next one. 
-I post entries on a [little-visited weblog |] sometimes. Photos of my Grandma and ''__FP is Unnatural and Obscene__'' (an interpreter for a wonderfully obscure programming language), among other things, can be found on my [website |].  
 ''Glyn IIRC was in my year at university and was a really neat guy to talk to -- PerryLorier'' 
 Thank you :-)