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18 GlynWebster 1 !!!Hello World
3 (__2009 Note:__ The following information was entered in 2004, it's still mostly accurate. My current presence on the Web is a foolish weblog, [The Pavilion of Innocent Pastimes |], and a [compiler for the classic programming language Algol W |]. I am not related in any way to the [Rev. Canon Glyn Webster |].)
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11 GlynWebster 7 I don't even know if I'm in the WLUG, but I like it in here.
9 ''(Being in the WLUG is a state of mind, really. -- PerryLorier''
11 I remember giving ElPresidente chocolate once. Did that get me in?
13 ''Why not tell us a bit more about yourself? Do you even live in the Waikato area?) -- PerryLorier''
15 I am a lazy person who occasionally "geeks out" rather that a true [Geek], I don't seem to have the incredible drive it requires (maybe I just don't drink enough of those revolting [caffeinated syrups| V]). In the lazy times I am a Web potato content to operate his computer with just one finger on his mouse. Geeking out or drifting around the Web, I find Linux an excellent playground in both states.
17 I just use Linux to make my computer go, I am not a SysAdmin. That seems to make me an odd one out in the WLUG, but the SysAdmin top-heavyness is common to all LUGs, and I'm not complaining. I haven't been to a lot of WLUG meetings, but I do live in Hamilton. I'll be there for the next one.
19 ''Glyn IIRC was in my year at university and was a really neat guy to talk to -- PerryLorier''
21 Thank you :-)
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16 CraigBox 25 ~[x] I AGREE TO EVERYTHING.
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28 !!!Big Note
14 GlynWebster 30 I'm mildly dislexic, so I sometimes slightly scramble my grammar when I write. My habit is to come back to proofread what I've written a day or two later. If the scrambled text doesn't come right in that time, fix it, or point and laugh, or ignore it. (Dislexia never gives me any trouble when I program, oddly enough. There's probably some interesting neurological reason for that, but I'm fed up with the whole thing and don't really care any more. I'm only pointing it out because of the proofreading thing.)
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