I'm a freelance software developer and I help run a webdesign and online retailng business with my wife. We live at Hikutaia which is near Paeroa. We use Linux for most of our office stuff (except MYOB) and all of our website stuff.

I'm also currently enrolled as a PhD student in Bioengineering at The University of Auckland where I use Linux for my research on equine hoof biomechanics.

My contributions so far to the Linux / Open Source community are:

Wrote the Ghostscript driver for the Epson stylus color 300 printer. This printer uses a cut down subset of ESC P/2 so would not work with the usual ESC P/2 drivers. Instead of simply changing a config file I had to update the driver code to make it work. This printer probably still doesn't work with gimp-print because that uses standard ESC P/2. I had a look at writing a gimp-print driver but it would have required much more effort than the Ghostscript driver and I ran out of time unemployed.

Co-write the SANE driver for the Microtek Scanmaker 3600 scanner. Don't buy this scanner for Linux, there are better options. The driver works but is not fully functional and is a bit dodgy. This is because we only had limited info about it from Microtek and had to reverse engineer a lot of it. During the development I managed to toast the firmware in my scanner luckily Microtek were able to easily update it.

I wrote some notes about configuring NvidiaTwinView .

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