• Born in New Zealand
  • Moved to Hamilton, 1998 to become a LazyStudent
  • Graduated Waikato University 2001, BCMS (Honours)
  • Started working in The RealWorld


  • sleep
  • model trains
  • computers
  • electronics
  • reading
  • using electronics and computers to interface with model trains.

Alas, I'm far too busy (doing not sure what) to take an active role in advocating Operating Systems for general use; so I'm more of a Stealth Zealot...

GPG Key:

pub  1024D/15FC4E28 2001-05-19 Gerard Sharp (Personal) <censored>
     Key fingerprint = 154E 1717 8380 2510 2432  06F7 4E7F EF0C 15FC 4E28
sub  1024g/F9E67EEA 2001-05-19

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The Nick

"Nuzzle the Wuzzle!"1?

The first time I logged into Toontown BBS, I was beset by the SysOp, one CraigBox (CRiGGiE. The guilty know who they are). After a long and almost amusing conversation, he commandeered my keyboard and set my first-ever d:CAF message, which is pretty much summed up above.
On irc or icq, I have the Nick Wuzzle; but in The RealWorld, I use my actual name, GerardSharp.

  • This is all lies btw, most people in the RealWorld don't even know Wuzzles real name, including one or two of his Uni lecturers !! This is probably due to the difficulity people have in figuring out how to prounce Gerard, and anyhow, Wuzzle suites him better ! -- JamieCurtis

1? Wuzzle is in fact perhaps GerardSharp's real name, we're not sure. He claims he got the nick by a former girlfriend, but won't explain why (and we aren't asking).