For added Confusion, I think the What Are We Doing For Lunch thread should be a wiki to make it even easier to mangle...

Barzerk.. WINS

  • 12:30
  • meet there
  • byo sanity

Let's see if I have a summary of events so far:

  1. The foodcourt at the mall is likely to be mobbed with screaming puking children; so let's avoid it.
  2. This narrows our options to Pubs, Takeaway Bars and Restaurants(nominally Ethnic)

Unfortunatly, JamieCurtis who originally started to organise this whole thing will be unavailable tomorrow morning, so can someone else debate this on IRC or something and then organise it please ?

The following people have stated their preference (highest->lowest): |Person|Preference |Craig Mckenna| ! 2 hoots |Daniel Lawson|ethnic |Gerard Sharp| ! foodcourt, ! casino, anything_that_tastes_like_chicken |Greig !McGill? | Absent - but Thai/Jap/Indian for future... |Matt Brown| ! ethnic |Matthew Browne| ! foodcourt (Possibly Guilty.. er Absent) |Matthias| restaurant (e.g. japanese, korean, sahara-tent-ian), ! pub, ! foodcourt |Kyle Carter| ! 2 hoots |Gian Perrone| ethnic (thai, indian, japanese) |Perry Lorier| Don't care. |Jamie Curtis| Pub or restaurant of any kind would be fine. |JohnMcPherson| Unfortunately absent in Christchurch. However, I'll shout myself to a fancy lunch somewhere.

Feel Free to add your name to the list. Feel freeer to fix my horrid attempt at Wiki Markup.

witty comments! as requested