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 * [VegaStrike|] - a space craft fighter/trading game a. la. Elite, Frontier, etc. Still in heavy development but playable. 
 * FrozenBubble 
 * TetriNet 
 * [Neverball|] - tilt the floor to roll the ball through the obstacle course before time runs out. 
+* [Tremulous]  
 !!! Game programming 
 Have a look at [SDL]. 
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  txqueuelen length: 
  Set the length of the transmit queue of the device. It is useful to set this to small values for slower devices with a high latency (modem links, ISDN) to prevent fast bulk transfers from disturbing interactive traffic like telnet too much. 
 So <tt>ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 0</tt> will make your interactive traffic (read: [Quake], [Doom3]) much more bearable for your pet gamer. 
+!!! See Also  
+LinuxAndGames (should probably merge this page and that one)