Galeon is a WebBrowser for GNOME. It used to be the default, until Epiphany was forked off from it for dumbing down.

It is based on the Gecko engine, so its rendering and standards compliance are the same as Mozilla’s.

However, many more advanced users still prefer Galeon over epiphany and Mozilla/MozillaFirefox for a number of reasons:

  • Tab completion in the location box (for sites in your history or the local filesystem)
  • Superior tabbed browsing implementation – you can drag the tabs around to change the order/detach/change windows
  • drag bookmarks and URLs to your bookmarks toolbar
  • gnome-vfs and GTK skin integration (c.f. MozillaFirefox)
  • supports pasting URLs into the window to open new tabs (Epiphany removed this)
  • right-click on an image gives the option to block all images from the same server, permanently (Epiphany removed this)
  • Uses the GNOME MIME system and GNOME preferred applications settings. So it will use the MailClient you’ve set in the GNOME preferences – no helper scripts or hidden preferences required.