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How do I get on the MetaNet?

Please ensure you've read the MetaNet page and understand what exactly you're doing before you follow these instructions.

Currently, we are up to WanDaemon version REL2 (release two) -- you might want to check with someone to see if we've released a more recent version. If you want cutting edge, the head of the CVS tree might suit your needs - see WanDaemonHeadHowto for information on how to set "HEAD" up. At the moment, HEAD is the same as REL2, but the WanDaemon contributors are soon likely to make major changes.

Before You Touch The Software

Subscribe to the mailing list

To get on the MetaNet, you first should subscribe to This is a MailMan? MailingList. The best way to subscribe is to go here:

Renumber your network

Then you'll need renumber to an internal IP address range that is unique, so you contact someone on the list (MetaNetAssignments) to allocate you some space. They can allocate you address space by going to http://www.tla/maint/. (This is a !MetaNet address, and isn't actually a Catch-22 situation.)

Install the wandclients software

!FreeBSD 5.x Users

FreeBSD 4.x Users:

I haven't created a binary package, and probably never will.

Configure the software

There are two config files: etud.conf and wand.conf.


cp /usr/local/etc/etud.conf{.sample,} $EDITOR /usr/local/etc/etud.conf

On FreeBSD we use the ethertap driver, change '' to read ''. Set the MTU to 1280. Set macaddr to the MAC address of one of the NIC's in your machine. Your internal ethernet NIC is the normal one to use (eg. fxp0 or rl0). If you don't know your MAC address, ifconfig(8) will tell you: try

/sbin/ifconfig fxp0 | grep ether | cut -d\ -f 2


cp /usr/local/etc/wand.conf{.sample,} $EDITOR /usr/local/etc/wand.conf

(N.B. make install may create /usr/local/etc/wand.$HOSTNAME.conf.original: in this case use: cp /usr/local/etc/wand.$HOSTNAME.conf{.original,} )

You will need to talk to the person who allocated your address space, or #wlug on UnderNet, to get the IP address of a server to go in this config.

tap0 interface

You also need to provide the tun driver with network settings for the interface, otherwise you get an error message like

/usr/local/etc# Etud

tuntap_setup () entered... Failed to initialise interface. Aborting...


Starting the !MetaNet daemons

I haven't made proper FreeBSD (ie, RCng) init scripts yet. Will do so when I understand them.

For now, you can add to /etc/rc.local something like
killall Etud wand /usr/local/sbin/Etud ifconfig tap0 inet 192.168.x.y netmask mtu 1280 /usr/local/sbin/wand /usr/local/sbin/zebra -d /usr/local/sbin/bgpd -d

Make sure that your FireWall allows UDP traffic on ports 22222 and 44444 UDP. Also make sure that traffic to/from tap is not blocked.

If you use FreeBSD 5x you must also run this ifconfig tap0 -staticarp -monitor -link1 -link2

Now, you should be able to ping after a few seconds. This is the MetaIX address of Hydrogen, the current !MetaNet server.

Onwards and upwards.

Congratulations, at this point you should have WanDaemon running on your machine.

Next you have to configure and start zebra(8)?.

The next step is to enable all the useful stuff: proceed on to MetaNetConfiguration.