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-A DataBase that no-one would have heard of if it were not for [Mozilla ].org 's decision to rename their Phoenix browser (which conflicted with Phoenix [BIOS ] co's interest in browsers) to the same name, after months of checking and the decision that no-one would get confused
+FireBird is a spinoff of [Borland ]'s OpenSource~d ~InterBase. See the [Firebird sourceforge page | ]. 
-Uproar ensued.  
-Now, have rescinded and said that Firebird is only the name of the platform , like Seamonkey is the name for the current platform .  
-Firebird is a spinoff of [Borland]'s open-sourced !InterBase
+It was much lesser known before [ Mozilla] .org's decision to rename their browser from Phoenix (which conflicted with the Phoenix [BIOS] trademark) to FireBird after months of research. Uproar ensued , and Mozilla .org renamed their browser MozillaFirefox