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  message = SMTP AUTH required for port 587 
  authenticated = * 
+!!! Redirecting all mail to a single mailbox  
+I wanted to set up an SMTP server for testing that would accept all mail and send it to a single mailbox so that we didn't accidentally send mail to anyone.  
+This example uses Debian's split config.<br>  
+Add a new router in <tt>/etc/exim4/conf.d/router</tt>. Because these files are processed in alphabetical order, add it at the top. <tt>09_exim4-config-redirect_all</tt> is a good choice.  
+ debug_print = "R: redirecting all mail"  
+ driver = redirect  
+ data = "user_to_send_to"  
+Test using the method listed below.  
 !!! Testing a new config file before putting it live. 
 JohnMcPherson pointed out the following useful tips: