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 [Erlang |] is a simple functional programming language used for writing distributed real time systems, particularly telecommunications systems. It doesn't seem quite as horrible as [Haskell]. 
+* Massively multithreaded - can run tens of thousands of concurrent erlang-processes in a single OS process with no locking.  
+* Distributed - erlang programs can spawn erlang-processes on any node within an erlang cluster. Erlang code is usually written so that it is easy to migrate between hosts/nodes.  
+* Huge standard library ErlangOtp that makes writing reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant programs easy.  
+* Parallel garbage collection (GC on per erlang-process basis, GC of one erlang-process doesn't block any other erlang-process)  
+Ideal for writing applications for telcos and for many other domains where scalable fault-tolerant systems are a requirement.  
+!!! Resources  
+* Web sites  
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