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-A [Java]-based CrossPlatform [IDE]. 
+[Eclipse |] is an [OpenSource], [Java]-based, CrossPlatform [IDE]. There are a wide range of plugins for editing and compiling [JavaCC], [XML], [Schema], [C++], and properties files, amoungst others. Most plugins are developed, distributed and updated separately from the framework, which can take a bit of getting used to
-http://www .eclipse .org/  
+Though [Eclipse] can be and is meant to be used for a lot of things besides [Java], there are some excellent [Java]-centric plugins packaged with the main distribution, which integrate tightly with [Ant] and various [Java] [Compiler]s and [VirtualMachine]s . They're not perfectly CrossPlatform (projects checked into [CVS] from [Linux] may not work out of the box when checked out from [Windows], f .ex), but are getting close.  
+See also:  
+* [KDevelop], a native [IDE] without framework ambitions  
+* EclipseNotes