Out of memory

Insufficient kernel memory was available for your request.

This almost certainly means that one or more programs on your machine has gone out of control and has used up all of the virtual memory (physical and swap) on the machine. Expect lots of weird things to happen as many programs don't check for this (for example if malloc(3) failed).

I found that ENOMEM is declared in /usr/include/sys/errno.h
but in mine linux distribution it is defined in /usr/include/asm/errno.h

You should never need to include anything from asm/ bits/ or linux/ directly. For example:

  • errno.h includes bits/errno.h
  • bits/errno.h includes linux/errno.h and defines ENOTSUP? as an alias for ENOTSUPPORTED?, and EDOM, EILSEQ and ERANGE, since these are only ever generated by libc, not by the kernel
  • linux/errno.h includes asm/errno.h and defines ERESTARTSYS, ERESTARTNOINTR?, ERESTARTNOHAND?, ENOIOCTLCMD?, EBADHANDLE?, ENOTSYNC?, EBADCOOKIE?, ENOTSUPP?, ESERVERFAULT?, ETOOSMALL?, EBADTYPE?, EJUKEBOX (but only for the kernel, these are never defined in userspace)
  • asm/errno.h has the #define's for all the usual errno's

so, you should #include <errno.h> to get all the errno's, or you'll miss some :)

Do not confuse this with Eminem! :)

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