Originally an Acronym for European Computer Manufacturers Association, an industry association dedicated to the standardization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems.

Interesting standards published by ECMA include ECMAScript, OOXML and C#.

ECMA was founded in 1961 and changed name to Ecma International in 1994 because their focus had expanded beyond Europe. According to their website, their aims are:

  • To develop, in co-operation with the appropriate National, European and International organizations Standards and Technical Reports in order to facilitate and standardize the use of ICT systems.
  • To encourage the correct use of Standards by influencing the environment in which they are applied.
  • To publish these Standards and Technical Reports in electronic and printed form; the publications can be freely copied by all interested parties without restrictions.


Also known as ECMAScript.


Also known as C#.


Also known as Office Open XML or OOXML.