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-A small piece of custom hardware attached to a computer for some special purpose. 
+A small piece of custom [Hardware] attachable to a computer to perform a narrowly defined task. [Dongle]s do not contain general- purpose [CPU], memory or [I/O] facilities
-Original the domain of copy-protection features for high-end applications [Dongle]s have fallen from favour for copy-protection , but are re-inventing themselves as [RandomNumberGenerator ]s, secure key stores in cryptographic systems and so forth
+In the 1980s and 1990s the term described [RS232] or [LPT] attached appliances acting as CopyProtection for high-end applications. [Dongle]s in this capacity acquired the image of being unwanted liabilities, not only because of their purpose , but also because of a whole slew of technical problems. They either took up a precious port or caused problems with other devices connected thru them. It was usually impossible to daisychain [Dongle ]s, should several applications require them. As if all that was not enough, their connectors would often start failing within short time if un/plugged too often. As a result, these days CopyProtection [Dongle]s are a rare sight
-If a device contains general-purpose functionality, such as a general-purpose [CPU ], general-purpose memory or some IO facitilities then it' s not a dongle , since the defining characteristic of the dongle is it's specialisation.  
- in the 1980s and 1990s , dongles had serial interfaces, but most modern dongles are [USB] [Dongle]s
+The term however is being recycled as for [USB ] attached , highly specialized devices, often containing RandomNumberGenerator~ s, secure key stores in cryptographic systems , or suchlike