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1 CraigBox 1 An entry in the [DNS].
3 '', '', '' and 'www.nevada.tla' are all examples of domain names.
4 LawrenceDoliveiro 5 Domain names exist so we don't have to remember complex InternetProtocol ([IP]) addresses. Don't you wish telephone numbers came with domain names?
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7 If you're a .nz you may be interested in the SharedRegistry and [UDAI].
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9 Note that, in DNS terminology, the terms "domain name", "domain" and "name" are all synonymous. You may sometimes come across a statement that <tt></tt> is a "domain", and <tt></tt> is a "name" within that "domain". In fact the name <tt></tt> is also a domain, and the domain <tt></tt> is also a name. It is true that <tt></tt> is a ''subdomain'' of <tt></tt>. A domain can be used as the name of a machine at the same time as it contains subdomains with other names.
11 The term ''zone'' is another synonym for these, used specifically in [BIND] for the contents of a single ZoneFile, or for the part of a ZoneFile containing the information for a single subdomain.
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