An entry in the DNS.

'', '', '' and 'www.nevada.tla' are all examples of domain names.

Domain names exist so we don't have to remember complex InternetProtocol (IP) addresses. Don't you wish telephone numbers came with domain names?

If you're a .nz you may be interested in the SharedRegistry? and UDAI.

Note that, in DNS terminology, the terms "domain name", "domain" and "name" are all synonymous. You may sometimes come across a statement that is a "domain", and is a "name" within that "domain". In fact the name is also a domain, and the domain is also a name. It is true that is a subdomain of A domain can be used as the name of a machine at the same time as it contains subdomains with other names.

The term zone is another synonym for these, used specifically in BIND for the contents of a single ZoneFile, or for the part of a ZoneFile containing the information for a single subdomain.