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 A popular MPEG4 derived video CoDec. 
-AddToMe: there is quite a bit of history behind the name that needs mention here
+Originally released in 2000 as "DivX ;-)", the codec started life as a hacked version of MicrosoftCorporation's [MPEG]4 codec, that could save to [AVI] instead of just Microsoft's ASF, and had support for [MP3] audio.  
+In 2001, the codec was cleaned up and proprietary parts rewritten, and it was released as "DivX" (without the smiley.) An open source project called [Project Mayo|] emerged around it, and it was later forked in two directions, a [|] commercial enterprise, releasing proprietary "pro" versions with more encoding features as well as a [free] player, and OpenDivX, [Free] software from Project Mayo. OpenDivX was the basis for the newer codec [Xvid].  
+The name itself is a crack at [Circuit City's failed DIVX format|] for [DVD] viewing; a DIVX [DVD] was bought by the customer but cost $4.50 each play, and a DIVX player was connected to a telephone line to dial out and bill the customer each time