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-A [ DataType] is a class of [Data], which can be atomic (a floating point number , a 32 bit integer , an [ASCII ] character ) of compound (an array , a struct , an object or a pointer to some [DataType]). Some languages provide [Template ]s that allow the definition of classes of classes of data
+A DataType is a class of data.  
+There are two kinds of DataType~s: atomic (FloatingPoint numbers , Integers, single characters , [Pointer ]s ) and compound (arrays , structs , objects). Compound [DataType]s are composed of other [DataType ]s (be that atomic or other compound ones). DataType~s are the building blocks of DataStructure~s.  
+In some ProgrammingLanguage~s, such as [C++], [Template]s can be used to define classes of DataType~s