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-An [Acronym] for
+An [Acronym] with two different meanings
-__D__enial __O__f __S__ervice %%%  
-Usually written " DoS" - see DenialOfService%%%  
-!!!OR %%%  
- __D__isk __O__perating __S__ystem. Usually named after the operating systems of 8bit micros, who' s operating system didn't include memory management, multiuser or multiprocessing and only a thin abstraction if any over any hardware , so they only part of the Operating System that they actually implemented was the filesystem, hence, DOS .  
- MS-DOS (Microsoft DOS) was originally called QDOS, and was written in 2 weeks . QDOS stands for "Quick and Dirty Operating System". Microsoft promised IBM that they would cheaply license them an OS - they bought the rights to QDOS and started hacking it up from there...  
-while DOS is now largly obsolete, there is a team of developers working to keep the platform alive, The [FreeDOS] project can be found at  
-See also [Loadlin
+ %%% DenialOfService :  
+ See that page. Usually written [ DoS].  
+ %%% __D__isk __O__perating __S__ystem :  
+ The original OperatingSystem for [IBM]'s [PersonalComputer]s, named after MicroComputer [OperatingSystem] s which typically had a thin hardware layer abstraction at best and didn't include any multiuser or multitasking capabilities, nor memory management. The [IBM] [DOS] does have process and memory management capabilities , but they're only very rudimentary . See also [ MS-DOS] . [FreeDOS |] is a [Free ] clone.