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 Writing CrossPlatform [GUI]s is particularly difficult. Most ToolKit~s originating on [Unix] have been ported to many other systems: [Tk] and [GTK] are examples. [Qt] was designed from the very beginning to be CrossPlatform itself, and has ports for MicrosoftWindows and [X11]. [wxWidgets] is an attempt to provide a consistent [API] with binary-compatible binding libraries that allow code to run equally well will any ToolKit that happens to be available. 
 [Java] programs, even complex [GUI] ones like the the [Eclipse] [IDE], tend to be CrossPlatform without much effort. The same is true of programs written in dynamic languages like [Perl], [Python], [Ruby] and the like. 
+[The Sysadmin's Rosetta Stone|] is a very useful web page that lists the comparable commands between any of the major [Unix]-like operating systems. If you want to do the equivilent of fdisk(8) on Linux, but you're on HP-UX, then the Rosetta Stone can tell you its "lvcreate" or "sam". (Hint: don't use killall on [Solaris]).