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-Common Lisp aka ANSI Standard X3J13. A popular [LISP] dialect. 
+Common Lisp aka ANSI Standard X3J13. A popular [LISP] dialect. Most implementations compile to native code. Very few are purely interpreted or byte compiled.  
+Get started in Common Lisp with []
 Two unique things that make Common Lisp tempting, if you can get over the funny syntax: 
 *__The Common Lisp Object System__. Common Lisp appears to be the only language in common use that has [multiple dispatch |]. 
 *__Macros__: with these you can create and use code generators and custom control structures with little fuss. 
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 ;: ''Running code at read-time lets users reprogram Lisp's syntax; running code at compile-time is the basis of macros; compiling at runtime is the basis of Lisp's use as an extension language in programs like Emacs; and reading at runtime enables programs to communicate using s-expressions, an idea recently reinvented as XML.'' 
 * Websites 
-** [] -- ''The Common Lisp !HyperSpec'' (the entire CL specification)  
 ** [] -- Common Lisp [Wiki | WikiWikiWeb] 
+** [] -- ''The Common Lisp !HyperSpec'' (the entire CL specification)  
 ** [] -- Association of Lisp Users 
 ** [] -- Common Lisp sourceforge analogue 
 * Books 
+** [] -- Practical Common Lisp. This is a great book for new CommonLispniks.  
 ** [] -- ''On Lisp'' by Paul Graham 
 ** [] -- ''Successful Lisp'' by David Lamkins 
 * Implementations 
 ** Free 
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 *** [ACL] -- Franz Allegro Common Lisp 
 *** [LW] -- Xanalys Lisp Works 
 *** [Genera] -- Symbolics Open Genera 
 * Getting Started 
-** Get a recentish copy of [SBCL] or [CMUCL] and [SLIME] (setup as per []) 
+** []  
+ ** Get a recentish copy of [SBCL] or [CMUCL] and CVS [SLIME] (setup as per []) 
 ** Do not be fooled into using [ILISP] :) 
-** Hop on #lisp (see below) if you need help  
+** Hop on #lisp !  
+** Start reading []  
 * IRC 
 ** #lisp on 
 * Usenet 
 ** nntp://comp.lang.lisp