Committee meeting before the regular meeting / film viewing.



  1. Release party on Saturday May 1st
  2. SFD in September
  3. Plan for future meetings

Meeting opened 6:40

Present: John, Bruce, Ronnie, Rod

Treasurers report:

  • $468 in bank, $266 p/c, total of $734

SFD Centerplace

  • cost of 2x tables, John to enquire
  • Still need to sort out sponsorship
  • more work on how we can get SFD-day visitors to become linux-using WLUG members.

Lucid Lynx Launch party: Sat May 1st

  • Chips, dip, sausage rolls, oranges, Lollies, Bruce has $50 budget from p/c
  • leaflet drop, Bruce and Rod

6 books have been requested from O'Reilly

  • Learning Perl
  • Ubuntu Up And Running
  • Version Control w/ Git
  • The Ruby Programming Language
  • Mastering Regular Expressions
  • ??? something else

Meeting closed 7:25

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