Bruce and Sue's place, 38 Pearsons Ave, 7:30pm


  • SFD day progress
  • Next Month's meeting
  • server status


Bruce's place

JohnBillings LizQuilty RodAldridge BruceKingsbury ChrisOhalloran RonnieCollinson

Opened 1935

John/Rod last meeting minutes approved carried

Treasurer Report

Present Funds $1102.30 as 20090810 incl.

Saturday Workshop donation $9 last months


John Barnes Graham membership application. Ching-Tang Tseng membership application

Matters Arising.

JohnBillings write IRD letter BruceKingsbury to sign

Next Meeting

David Bainbridge Greenstone Digital Library

RonnieCollinson will confirm 20090811 (available end of August or end of November)

For 24th August 2009.

Promoting Software Freedom day at meeting.

Software Freedom Day

Venue decided: Wintec

Last years posters salvageable ChrisOhalloran

Graham Lauder keen to present terminal server LTSP and open office.

Might be TiVO presentation BruceKingsbury

LindsayDruett Garry Templeton BruceKingsbury to follow up.

Security access could be a presentation. BruceKingsbury to follow up

Lightwire available.

Web cacher - BruceKingsbury

Approach PBTech/DickSmith on making machines available

Library display - RodAldridge to spend $150 on printing without coming back to committee

Move Chris/Ronnie carried

CD rubber stamp

150 CD -OpenDisk? 200 CD -from Canonical Ubuntu CD's (realistically 100 might be arriving)


Radio - JohnBillings eday - JohnBillings flier

OpenDisc JohnBillings LizQuilty BruceKingsbury.

Newspaper - press release on wiki page. google docs.

T Shirts - ChrisOhalloran Rimuhosting-Ubuntu-Penguin-Lightwire

CD stamper if printing wasn't available- BruceKingsbury -Warwick

Draft Speakers

Keynote speakers BruceKingsbury JamieBaddeley? FX Networks Nandoor Tanzcos JohnBillings

or Green Party on Drupal table. RodAldridge.

45min talks Graham Lauder OpenOffice LizQuilty LAMP Cairo Gaming JohnBillings OpenDisc Nandor Tanzcos Buying a Linux Laptop - possibility RonDeane? on 35mm to GIMP. JohnBillings

Bar Camp Style

Tables and chairs - are some tables- Methodist plenty of chairs. JohnBillings talk with David Hallett.

3 Video Projectors


WLUG projector

Graham projector


Coffee Cairo.

Sideline presentation

ChrisOhalloran Virtual machines.

Hardware compatibility

WLUG Server.

Two blades need to be sorted DanielLawson and LizQuilty

Upcoming meetings

Rerap Presentation Vik

Next Meeting


Promo eDay

Promo Software Freedom Day

Renew membership

Advertise Workshop day

Checklist for next meeting JohnBillings/ChrisOhalloran

Next WLUG meeting 20090824 David Bainbridge

Next Committee meeting 20090831

Meeting ending 2140