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-Semicasual meeting .. 
+7:30 pm, Mon 17th December . Compiled by Simon, as Chris was late
-# Previous Minutes  
-# Treasurers report  
-# Correspondence  
-# Matters  
-# Server status  
-# General business  
+Venue: LindsayDruett's place (3 John-Webb Drive)  
-random thoughts from el presidente  
+Meeting opened: 7:45pm  
-* Some planning for Jan BBQ -- 3pm to about 7or8pm ??  
-* Some planning for speakers next year  
-* Bruce has signed up for whatsonhamilton as suggested by crb  
-* have also signed up to eventfinder  
-* Book library display for Sept 15-20 (or longer if possible) -- has to be booked well in advance , plan display later  
-* Start thinking about SFD display / presentation / installfest now , serious planning starts in August.  
+Present: BruceKingsbury , RodAldridge , LindsayDruett, SimonGreen, JamesPluck, ChrisOhalloran  
+Apologies: JohnBillings  
+[Previous Minutes|CommitteeMeetingTopics.2007-11-19] moved by LindsayDruett, seconded by SimonGreen  
+Treasurers report  
+ Payments $150 for tux suit, and $40 for incidentals. Balance $1232.29, however a $50 cheque had not yet been presented at the bank. Therefore balance is really $1182.29. Petty cash is $25.87. It was noted we haven't received Google AdSense money for a wee while.  
+ One membership form received  
+ * Tony McGregor has agreed to sponsor the printing of (A3 sized) posters for WLUG to be displayed at Waikato University and Wintec during O week. We will also distribute posters to computer shops and other places as part of a membership drive next year. Chris has agreed to design the posters.  
+ * It was agreed that coffee should be purchased at Trade Aid. James noted that we haven't purchased coffee yet (since he became treasurer, so the increased cost won't be too great.  
+ * The new blade server from CantDHB has arrived. Simon to draft thank you letter to them. Blade is currently sitting on Lindsay's desk :-)  
+ * WLUG is now listed with eventfinder and whatsonhamilton. Bruce will update these sites as needed  
+ * WLUG's informal legal advise is there should be no problems with putting a red, yellow and black scarf around TUX, as we are a non-profit Waikato based organization  
+ * We need to book the library for SFD / Installfest well in advance (part of September 2008). We will plan the design a couple of months in advance, so it can be finalized for the committee meeting in August.  
+ * Simon will order SSL certificate from (US$20 for one year) in the first week of March (certificate expires March 9th). James will e-mail Daniel off list to get him to e-mail a receipt to organize reimbursement of the certificate  
+ * Lindsay will organize the BBQ at his place. James will help as he hosted it last year.. Suggested start time is 3pm. It is expected to wind up around 7pm-8pm.  
+Meeting closed at 8:41pm  
+[Next meeting|CommitteeMeetingTopics.2008-02-18]: February 18th and James's place