WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

17 March 2004

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:12.

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, John, Matt, Jamie, Perry
Apologies: Greig, Phil

1. Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes on the Wiki were modified to reflect the correct year, "2004".

Motion: that the modified minutes are a true and accurate record of the previous meeting

Moved: Jamie
Seconded: Matt B

Motion passed

2. Correspondence

A letter was received from the WEL energy trust to inform us that our application for funding has been received and we will hear from them in early June.

3. Treasurers Report

Will be presented from the next meeting on.

4. Discussion on IRC

Discussion between committee members on IRC or any other medium other than the committee mailing list is fine, however conclusions, whether positive or negative, should be relayed back to the committee through the mailing list.

5. General business

  • Changes to constitution outstanding
  • Daniel has bank statements for Craig M - to be sent to the treasurer
  • Installfest to be organised for early April
  • Location for the next meeting is S.G.01.
  • Topic and location for April meting top be searched for over the next week
  • Donating a copy of RUTE to HPL - not allowed to distribute print-out - librarian should chase up publisher
  • Duplicators are expensive

Meeting closed at 6:45.


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