WLUG Executive Committee Meeting

17 September 2003

Meeting Minutes

Present: Daniel, Craig B, Craig M, Jamie, Phil, Perry, Greig, Bruce
Absent: Kim, Gavin

Minutes opened at 7:36pm.

1. Minutes from previous meeting:

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Phil

Motion passed

2. Petty Cash

Motion: that we set up a Petty Cash fund to the value of $50, to be held by the treasurer, to be topped up when it falls below $10

Moved: Daniel
Seconded: Bruce

Motion passed

3. Donation to the radio club

Craig !McKenna? will talk to Paul Jonassen at the on Saturday to find out who to make the cheque out to and it will be presented at the AGM.

4. Charter Changes

  • Rule 2 and 2a -> 2a & 2b
  • Some typographical issues
  • FIVE committee members (no list administrator)

5. Membership

Membership is now to be by signing the membership form at a club meeting. Payment of subscription must be made within a 3 month grace period.

Membership is between AGMs.

Phil will draft a rough of form for discussion before Monday, and a finished copy will be available at the meeting.

6. AGM

Our recommendation for the change to the charter is that the quorum for an AGM or special general meeting is 1/2 of the current (in the case of an AGM, the previous year's) membership

Phil will bring voting cards.


  • Membership Signup/Payment of Subscriptions
  • Meeting begins
  • Chairpersons Report
  • Changes to Charter
  • General Business
  • Committee Elections

Voting will occur for each position in this order: chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary

The remaining five committee members will be voted by a show of hands if five or less, or a ranked voting system if there are more than 5 nominations.

The AGM is to be held at Open2View, 2 Grey St. Corner of Cobham and Grey st.

E-mail announcing to be posted today; Bruce's bot will post more and a poster will be prepared tonight for University.

7. Library & Funding

  • Sky Riverside funding form currently unavailable - to be chased up manually.
  • Craig to talk to Drew Whittle
  • Other trusts to investigate funding from

    • Scottwood Trust (Gaming Machines)
    • Brian Farrell can recommend more

8. Wiki

The charter should be moved from WlugIncorporated to somewhere more obvious. Locked pages to be created, which can then be added to save/go pages. Discussion regarding AUP to take place on mailing list.

Meeting closed: 9:25pm