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 Obviously things like passwords and other sensitive information should never be discussed. That goes without saying.%%% 
 From time to time network, systems, and security issues are discussed that can be relevant to a particular site, or how a particular site overcame these issues. It is expected that discussions of this nature are to remain within the group, and not to be used against the person or site in question.%%% 
 However, anything arising in discussion that you feel has questionable ethics or illegimate practices should be brought to the attention of the committee in the first instance.%%% 
-( [Bob |BobApthorpe ]) Both the SAGE Code of Ethics ([1996 version | ethics.html ] and [2003 draft |http://sageweb .html ]) and the [SAGE-AU Code of Ethics|] may have some ideas worth appropriating.  
+Some useful references:  
+* [SAGE | ] [ Code of Ethics| ]  
+* [SAGE-AU |http://www .sage-au ] [Code of Ethics|]