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-!!!Categories in this Wiki 
+!!! Introduction to Wiki Categories  
-Don't know where to start? You might like to browse pages on a particular topic. The following are all categories that exist within this WikiWikiWeb:  
+!! Adding pages to a category  
-<?plugin BackLinks noheader||=1 include _self||=?>  
+Just add the page name of the category to the bottom of the page. __Do not__ edit the category page.  
+!! Creating category pages  
-To add something to a category page, add at the bottom of the page a link to the Category page (for example as done on this page) and use the BackLinks plugin . To link to a Category page use "Category:categoryname" style links
+The marvellous thing about Wiki is that not only can you see all the things that this page links to , you can see all the pages that link to the page you're on as well using the BackLinks function . By invoking the BackLinks plugin you can have the BackLinks listed right inside the category page itself
+Categories should be neither too specific nor too broad; there's little value in having categories with three items in them, but there's also hardly a point to a category that lists half the universe's topics.  
-''Is there a good/standard way to do hierarchical categories? e.g. !CategoryProgramming/ !CategoryDataStructures, or similar''  
+!! Linking to categories (READ THIS)  
-Pick something you don't think will be too specific, but isn't too vague (I've avoided making a !CategorySystemAdministration for example , but !CategoryNetworking is a pretty good idea .)  
+The ramification of the previous paragraph is that in pages not belonging to a category , __you must not link__ to that category page by using its name. __Instead of writing !CategoryFoo you have to write !Category:Foo - note the extra colon.__ This creates a link to that category page without putting the linking page in its BackLinks. A corollary is that pages which link to a category page but do not belong to the category will not and cannot be backlinked from the category page
-''Why don't wiki links ( !Category:Category) work on backlinks?''  
+!!!Categories in this Wiki  
-Because then you could never link to a category without actually making the page part of that category! You'll note that while there is a !Category :Category link at the bottom of this page, !CategoryCategory isn't in the list above.  
+Don't know where to start? You might like to browse pages on a particular topic. The following are all categories that exist within this WikiWikiWeb
-''So... Use [WikiWord]s to link back to the parent Category, but when generally saying "Go here", use : links ?''  
+< ?plugin BackLinks noheader||=1 include_self||=0 ?>  
-Pretty much. Using a WikiWord will also make the parent category ''link back to you'', which is the important part.  
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