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-!!! Best Practices  
-This category is a place for pages that have best practices for setting up servers and services. Best practices pages are supposed to be howto style documents on how to set up a service, assuming that you understand that service. General notes about a service should go in the ''Service''Notes page, where notes about setting up a service with all the bells and whistles should go in a ''Service''~ BestPractices page (and should have a link to ~CategoryBestPractices).  
-Best practices pages assume you understand the service, they are not designed to be an introduction to setting up a service (they should go in ''Service''~HowTo pages), but are more for how to set them up in an advanced manner.  
-Best practices pages also assume that you've set up other related services using the other best practices pages. For instance, [SMTPBestPractices] may assume that you have [LDAP] configured as documented in [LDAPBestPractices]
+A category for BestPractices. 
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-There are some other websites which discuss similar topics.