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-A much maligned [ProgrammingLanguage ] widely used in commercial settings , particularly accunts systems. 
+An [Acronym ] for __Co__mmon __B__usiness __O__riented __L__anguage.  
+;: The use of [COBOL] cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offense. %%% ''-- EdsgerWybeDijkstra''  
+A rather weird old language for manipulating sequential databases. The "common" in its name is unfortunately true - mankind is left with a huge legacy of braindamaged code written in this language , since a great proportion of business software, particular accounting systems, is written in [COBOL] and has to be maintained .  
+There are a few projects to create OpenSource [COBOL] implementations, but it's a big and unrewarding task, especially since only a full-featured [COBOL] will be any good to anyone. After all, no one will start a new project in [COBOL] these days - its purpose would be for porting.  
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