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 [Acronym] for the __C__ommon __G__ateway __I__nterface 
-The [CGI] standard specifies the conditions for programs run by a web server in respons to certain queries in order to return a webpage . It specifies things like [ EnvironmentVariable] s such as PATH_INFO, QUERY_STRING, REMOTE_USER, and many more which you can read to find out information about the request. It also specifies where a [CGI] programs STDIN etc should be connected and a few other details of operation
+A standard that defines the conditions a [CGI] program should be able to expect.  
+A [CGI] program is run by a WebServer to process certain requests. It is expected to return output to be sent back as the server's response to that request. That output will often be a WebPage, but might also be anything else the server can send, like an image or a binary file .  
+The standard specifies EnvironmentVariable~ s that provide information about the request, like <tt> PATH_INFO</tt> , <tt> QUERY_STRING</tt> , <tt> REMOTE_USER</tt> , and more, as well as details such as where STDIN/OUT/ERR should be connected.  
+Note that this means that [CGI] programs can be written in any ProgrammingLanguage, even if "[CGI]" is commonly -- and wrongly -- associated with [Perl]