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 At least in [Debian] [Woody], the file <tt>/etc/default/cdrecord</tt> stores settings about your CD writer(s). The last section which maps the device settings to the drive name __''must'' be Tab separated__. Spaces won't work. 
 Make sure that your user has permission to any required device files and executable programs. In [Debian], the files have the appropriate permissions for people in the <tt>cdrom</tt> group. If you add yourself to the group you will have to log out and back in for that to take effect. 
+In later [Debian] versions [cdrecord(1)] has been changed to wodim. Wodim is a fork of cdrecord as cdrecord stalled a little and also the license was changed on later versions by the original authour.  
 !!! How to get your CDR working – [ATAPI] Styles 
 Recent 2.4 kernels, and all 2.6 kernels, have support for cdwriting via [ATAPI]. Historically, the cdrecord program only worked over [SCSI] and [Linux] users needed [SCSI] emulation. There was argument over whether this was the kernel's fault or cdrecord's fault. See [Linus's take |] and [the author's take |] on this as well as [an explaination of both points of view on Slashdot |].