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 An [Acronym] with many meanings:: 
- <br> __Carbon Copy __: 
+ <br> __C __arbon __C__opy
  An recipient who is sent a copy of an [Email], but is not the primary addressee and is usually not expected to reply. The primary addressee are aware that the carbon copy recipient has received a copy of the message. The terminology goes back to the days when office communication was typewritten and carbon paper was used to produce several copies simulatanously. 
  Compare [BCC]. 
- <br> __ [C] [Compiler]__
+ <br> [C] [Compiler] : 
  In [Unix] tradition, the [C] [Compiler] binary is called __cc__, and among the MakefileVariables, there's one called [CC] which stores the name of the [C] [Compiler] to use. On a [Linux] system, __cc__ is almost always a link to [GCC]. 
  On some proprietary [UNIX] OperatingSystem~s, such as [Solaris], the default __cc__ is just a [Shell] script that prints out something to the effect that you have not paid for the additional software development component of the system. 
- <br> __Credit Card __ : 
+ <br> __C __ountry __C__ode:  
+ A unique two-letter abbreviation of a country name, such as [NZ], AU, US, GB or DE. Used in [DNS] for [ccTLD]s, in locales, etc. [ISO] standard 3166 has a list of codes; on a Linux distribution you might find this in <tt>/usr/share/zoneinfo/</tt>.  
+ <br> __C__redit __C__ard
  A small piece of plastic that lets you spend money you don't have.