Boost is an interesting set of C++ libraries that can be found at It provides all sorts, from lambda functions to regular expressions. A full list of the libraries included can be found at

Boost is an example of some of the amazing things which can be accomplised with templates and C++. A few examples shamelessly ripped from the documentation.

Lambda functions
list<int> v(10); for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), _1 = 1);

The expression _1 = 1 creates a lambda functor which assigns the value 1 to every element in v.

vector<int*> vp(10); sort(vp.begin(), vp.end(), *_1 > *_2);

In this call to sort, we are sorting the elements by their contents in descending order.

Yes, this is still C++. For those interested in Python, perhaps Boost.Python is somewhat useful:

C++ code

struct World {

World(std::string msg): msg(msg) {} // added constructor void set(std::string msg) { this->msg = msg; } std::string greet() { return msg; } std::string msg;


And exporting the class
  1. include <boost/python.hpp>

using namespace boost::python;


class_<World>("World", init<std::string>())

.def("greet", &World::greet) .def("set", &World::set)



And what it is like in Python

import hello planet = hello.World() planet.set('howdy') planet.greet()


Not all compilers are able to compile Boost. An interesting read is where there are tests done on each compiler to see whether they are able to compile all the boost test cases.

Boost used a modified Jam as its build system rather than Makefiles.

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