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 This page will be a comparison of the two DNS servers. As with most comparisons, it wont be fair or unbiased. 
 These points were originally pulled from Brad Knowle's paper on [Name Server Comparison|]. This paper was focussed on performance of an authoritative or caching nameserver, but discusses the differences in the servers as well. Since then DJB has put up a page refuting many of Brad Knowles's claims, entitled [Brad Knowles's Slander|]. Sifting through the facts is hard, and there is no real 'definitive' answer as to which is the best DNS server - that's entirely dependant on the site. 
+(__Visitor's note:__ It is unfortunate that many of the statements presented below as cons for djbdns are provably incorrect. I run dnscache and tinydns on the same server and through the same IP at home, for example. dnscache is blindingly fast once an address has been resolved from the Internet. And, as far as I know, neither app violates the RFCs. I really think the writer should have taken more care to provide an objective comparison. I realise this article dates from 2005 but Dan Bernstein highlighted many years ago exploitable holes in BIND which have suddenly (in 2008) become big news but which do not arise with his DNS apps. Saying at the beginning that this comparison "...won't be fair or unbiased" is a total cop-out and should be taken by readers to mean that they should discount the analysis completely since it explicitly makes no attempt at objectivity. It is simply a repetition of known untruths to knock an excellent product. I don't know anything about wlug, but I don't think it does you any favours as an organisation.)  
 ! Bind 8 
 * Full recursive/caching and authoritative name server implementation