A serial/Ethernet-controlled 8 outlet remote power controller. Using the serial port or telnet(1), you can turn each electrical outlet on and off.

Serial cable for the RPC-3

Initial configuration has to happen using the controller’s serial port, so you'll need a cable like the one described here to set it up. Required connections for a Baytech RPC-3 RJ45 to DB9 NullModem? serial cable:

 RJ45 pin   DB9 pin   Role 
 4   2   (RPC-3 TX → PC RX) 
 5   3   (RPC-3 RX → PC TX) 
 3   8   (RPC-3 RTS → PC CTS) 
 1   6   (RPC-3 DTR → PC DSR) 
 2   5   (GND → GND) 
 8   1   (RPC-3 carrier detect → carrier present) 

Pins 6 and 7 on the RJ45 side can remain disconnected, along with pins 4, 7 and 9 on the DB9 side.

Tested and working on an RPC-3 using a USB-to-serial adapter.

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