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  aptitude search ~g | while read ; do echo "$RANDOM $REPLY" ; done | sort -n | head -1 | cut -d' ' -f2- 
+!!! Rename a series of files using a regular expressions  
+There's a number of ways of doing this, all with various problems. I finally settled on the following (Thanks [#wlug], and Isomer and Phil in particular):  
+ <verbatim>  
+ find . -iname '*:*' -exec rename s/:/-/ '{}' ';'  
+ </verbatim>  
+This was needed in particular because the filenames had double spaces in them and trailing spaces, which ultimately defeated my rather rusty attempts at using bash. I'm replacing ':' with '-' because Macs allow you to create a file or a directory with a '/' in the name, but represent this on the filesystem as a ':'. This causes problems over CIFS shares however. -DanielLawson