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 !Adding FWD to the callplan and reveiving incoming FWD calls. 
 To add dialling from and to FreeWorldDialUp, we need to make Asterisk register to the FWD servers with the correct password and username; we also need to make FWD ring the correct phones when Asterisk receives a call from FWD. To do this we need to add the following lines to extensions.conf. This configuration assumes that you also have an extension with the same number as your FWD user ID; if you do not already have this extension you should add it using the templates in the previous section. 
  <in globals section> 
@@ -181,9 +182,9 @@
  include => fwd-forced 
  include =>from-sip 
  <in context definition part of config file> 
- [ [fwd-forced] 
+ [fwd-forced] 
  ; Check to see if the called number starts with a "7" and 
  ; if so, set the call parameters and bounce the call to the 
  ; Free World Dialup SIP server. 
@@ -195,9 +196,9 @@
  exten => _7.,3,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@fwd) 
  exten => _7.,4,Playback(invalid) 
  exten => _7.,5,Hangup 
- [ [from-sip] 
+ [from-sip] 
  ; To receive calls inbound from FWD, we set the extension 
  ; to our FWD user ID, in this case 94896 
  ; Changing the "Dial" 
  ; directive to something like this: 
@@ -212,11 +213,13 @@
  exten => ${FWDUSERID},3,Hangup 
  <in home context of extensions.conf> 
  include => dialout 
 in sip.conf we have to setup the passwords etc for the FWD account this is done as below 
  ; Here we register our FWD phone number so that when someone calls it, 
  ; we'll be able to receive that incoming call over SIP. 
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