Not AOL, but a Pacific based ISP. Primary market was business customers with some residential users. it hosted an UnderNet server at one point before this was repeatedly DDoSd and eventually taken offline.

The company was originally Internet Company Of New Zealand (ICONZ). It got bought and incorporated into AsiaOnLine, the parent company residing in Hong Kong and operations being run out of the Australian Head Office which was based in Canberra, Australia. The parent company eventually closed down in 2001 and it became a NZ company again.

The parent company was Asia Online Ltd which appears to be no longer trading. The merger of Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand proved to be too much of a financial drain and the company "Asia Online" (which was seperate from the parent company) was liquidated.

The Assets were brought by the Dresden Group who also owned E3 wireless and VISP and the name was reverted back to ICONZ (Internet Company of New Zealand being a trade mark that was still owned by the original owner)

The company liquidated in October/November of 2001 (I think it may have been first week in November)

Asia Online consisted of around 16 odd companies scattered about the Pacific Rim, with offices in California, Hong Kong, The Philippines, China, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand


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