This page tells you how to resolve problems in some applications if you receive strange/weird error messages or conditions.

Various sound applications under GNOME 2.x (GStreamer)

GNOME 2 has moved to using the GStreamer for audio processing, including recording and playback. Some applications may say things like:

GStreamer-ERROR **: No default scheduler name - do you have a registry ?


Failed to create the player: Couldn't initialize scheduler.
Did you run gst-register?

The answer is to run the command gst-register-0.8 under your normal user account.

If you have installed both GStreamer 0.8 and 0.9, or have run gst-register-0.8 as both root and yourself, delete the configuration files created by GStreamer in root’s and your home directory, and re-run gst-register-0.8 (probably similar for 0.9) only as root and try to start Rhythmbox again.


tar: Failed open to read on /dev/nrst0 <No such file or directory>

You're using a BSD-derived tar(1), but using GNU tar(1) options. It got confused and is trying to use the default tape drive device. See PortabilityNotes for tar(1) option discussion.


find: paths must precede expression
Usage: find [path...] [expression]

Your shell glob(s) matched files in the current path. Surround your expression with single or double quotes and it should work.

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