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 > Not all the consequences to humans were so amusing; the sysop of the machine in question was nearly thrown in jail at the behest of certain clueless [droid | JargonFile:droid]s at the local "humane" society. The moral is clear: When in doubt, always mount a scratch monkey. 
 > ~[The actual incident occured in 1979 or 1980. There is a version of this story, complete with reported dialogue between one of the project people and [DEC] field service, that has been circulating on Internet since 1986. It is hilarious and mythic, but gets some facts wrong. For example, it reports the machine as a [PDP11] and alleges that Mabel's demise occurred when [DEC] [PM | JargonFile:PM]ed the machine. Earlier versions of this entry were based on that story; this one has been corrected from an interview with the hapless sysop. --ESR] 
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