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-Free [PDF] viewer provided by Adobe. Has both Windows and Linux versions. 
+[Acrobat Reader |] is a [free] but not [ Free] [PDF] viewer provided by [ Adobe] . There are binaries for many platforms, including Windows and Linux versions. 
-Look [here|
+The [PDF ] page lists a few other viewers, including [Free] ones.  
-If you are using Redhat 9 you will need to edit the /usr/local/Acrobat5/bin/acroread (or similar script) and add the following lines near the top  
- LANG=C  
- export LANG  
-This is to fix a problem with character sets that will manifest itself as  
- Warning : charset "UTF-8" not supported, using "ISO8859-1".  
- aborting  
+See also : AcrobatReaderNotes