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-I've been using [Linux] since 1998 (primarily RedHat) thanks to EvilBurt (-- correction. Also called [Vernando]. Known in MeatSpace as VerneRoberts). Did a BCMS at WaikatoUniversity, then got a job developing Windows applications using VB & access
+I've been using [Linux] since 1998 thanks to EvilBurt (Also called [Vernando]. Known in MeatSpace as VerneRoberts). Did a BCMS at WaikatoUniversity. 
-However I have stayed true and also run [ my own business |] installing and maintaining a multitude of Linux servers around the country.  
-I also created my own [DynamicDNS] service using [MySQL], [PHP], bind(8) and [Apache] which has slowly been gaining users . [More info here|].  
-If anyone wants to get hold of me then either [|] or look for SlothMan on UnderNet
+I run my own company [Comtek Computing |] in Hamilton and Hawke's Bay, with my own time taken mostly by C# development with a few php / perl projects also on the go . Not religious in any way when it comes to operating systems, I use whatever is best for the project requirements
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