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-<b>J.A.R.L.U.G (Just AnotheR LinUx Geek)</b>  
+! Find Out More about Me  
-I'm going away , to see another place<br>  
-To broaden my mind about the human race<br>  
- I don't know what I will find over there<br>  
-Perhaps I will find some kind relatives<br>  
-I will miss my flatmates and friends .<br>  
+Primarily I'm into anything techie , including the web, [Linux], electronics etc. I like to learn. [PHP] and other web based scripts/languages are a good medium for me to experiment and be creative, you may find examples of stuff I have done on my WebSite
-You can check out my [Web Log |] and my [Photo Gallery | http://photobox .co .nz /aaron /]  
-p.s. I'm a self taught [Linux] geek.<br>  
-I have set up a full debian server on my own<br>  
-I have Bind and a domain name for the server, the server is the SOA for the domain.<br>  
-[SMTP] with [SSL] and authentication - to stop those nasty spammers from abusing things<br>  
-Iptables with good firewall rules I wrote by myself. It was a bit confusing at first.<br>  
-It is also a gateway for our local network<br>  
-At one stage it was also a windows domain logon server<br>  
-and most improtantly Users<br>  
-You may also want to search for one of my flatmates: [Michael Cosgrove | MichaelCosgrove].<br>  
+! More Stuff about me  
+You can check out [ my website |] and my [Photo Gallery | http://www .flickr .com /photos/aaronc /]  
+! Friends Of Mine on the WlugWiki  
+You may also want to search for one of my flatmates: MichaelCosgrove