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-__A__dvanced __R__isc __M__achines 
+An [Acronym] for __A__dvanced [RISC] __M__achines 
-A series of 32-bit [RISC ] chips. Often used in embedded systems due to low power consumption - I think the IPAQ uses an ARM chip, and many cell phones, for example
+A series of fast 32-bit [CPU ]s with low power consumption, used widely in embedded systems. Also the name of the IntellectualProperty -only company which owns the design
-They have also been used in full-blown computers, perhaps the Acorn Archimedes was the most well-known machine to use them?  
+The design was created by [Acorn] for their desktop computers which ultimately failed in the market. [ARM] was spawned to market the [CPU] design and went on to become very successful.  
-I think [Intel ] now owns all the Intellectual Property associated with ARM chips
+[DEC ] developed the [StrongARM] flavour of the design, which was later sold to [Intel]