The HOWTOs mirrored here from TLDP (and other sources?) are being removed, due to the following concerns:

  • Most of them are so poorly adapted to wiki markup that they are completely useless.
  • They're bound to go out of synch with the originals, either because they get outdated as the principal version of the HOWTO is updated or due to editing on the wiki. Changes on the wiki will not propagate upstream either.
  • It doesn't make much sense to put HOWTOs in a wiki as the two concepts have completely contrary strengths. Wiki thrives on synergy of pages, while a big HOWTO aims to be a comprehensive cookbook.

If you linked to a HOWTO copy on the wiki and your link now points to a deleted page, please link to the principal copy on TLDP's site instead. A quick Google search on the HOWTO's title will give you the proper location.