ufdbGuard is the fastest URL filter available for Squid. It does 50,000 URL verifications/sec on a modern Intel CPU. A URL filter needs a list of URLs of undesired web content. Such a list is referred to as a URLFilterDatabase or a URL blacklist.

ufdbGuard is very fast, free and based on SquidGuard. You can download it at the home of ufdbGuard and SourceForge.

ufdbGuard is

  • a URL filter
  • enforces SafeSearch for search engines
  • enforces safer HTTPS
  • allows or blocks Skype
  • blocks SSH tunnels
  • blocks UltraSurf
  • blocks many other VPNs, tunnels and other circumvention tools

ufdbGuard is Free software, licensed under the GPL. You can use one of the free URL databases or use the commercial URL database.