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 sysctl.conf - sysctl(8) preload/configuration file 
 ''sysctl.conf'' is a simple file containing sysctl values 
 to be read in and set by sysctl(8). The syntax is simply as 
- # comment  
-; comment  
-token = value  
+ # comment  
+ ; comment  
+ token = value 
 Note that blank lines are ignored, and whitespace before and 
 after a token or value is ignored, although a value can 
 contain whitespace within. Lines which begin with a # or ; 
 are considered comments and ignored. 
+ # sysctl.conf sample  
+ #  
+ kernel.domainname =  
+ ; this one has a space which will be written to the sysctl!  
+ kernel.modprobe = /sbin/mod probe  
-# sysctl.conf sample  
-kernel.domainname =  
-; this one has a space which will be written to the sysctl!  
-kernel.modprobe = /sbin/mod probe  
- George Staikos,  
+George Staikos 
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